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Lana Parrilla for Regard Magazine, April 2014.

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I loved watching Regina become part of the family. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.”

Nice for her how it happens without her having to regret anything or apologize.  I love how realistic it is.  She’s literally sitting with three people she’s tried to kill and one person she did.

I would have loved this as a closing scene for the series, after Regina and Snow had a good conversation with Regina asking Snow to forgive her, and them working on their relationship.  This scene would have meant so much if it had been worked for.  

To Henry, though, this is him with his mom and three of her friends.  

"This scene would have meant so much if it had been worked for."


  • Saving Mary Margaret and Emma
  • Saving the town
  • Becoming an ally
  • Keeping Emma’s heart from growing dark
  • Saving Henry
  • Getting everyone safely home
  • Stopping a curse
  • Giving happy memories to Emma and Henry 
  • Saving Roland
  • Teaching Emma
  • Respecting Henry’s memory loss
  • Protecting the entire Charming family, specifically the unborn baby
  • Teaching Emma magic
  • Admitting Emma’s strength
  • Encouraging the Savior to see her potential
  • Joining and fighting with good now

Doesn’t count towards anything- doesn’t count as “work” because Regina didn’t say the word "sorry"? Have you heard the expression "Actions speak louder than words"? Because ACTIVELY-

  • Regina is redeeming herself.
  • She is making dramatic strides towards good.
  • She is saving lives, literally and on more than one occasion.
  • She is actively protecting the family she once sought to destroy.
  • She is allying with them.
  • Fighting with them.
  • Protecting them.
  • She is being unselfish.
  • Thinking of Henry and their entire family first.
  • Putting the safety of an unborn child as a priority. 

This doesn’t need to be debated. I can’t see an argument about this, honestly. I’m trying to get you to see what you’re saying here. You are fixated on a single word. “Sorry” Mary Margaret, David, Emma, Henry… they are not worried about hearing her claim to be apologetic, especially when honesty isn’t her best quality. They are wanting her to be a better person. And she is. She is being an amazing person. She has come so far and while the word sorry may hold deep meaning to you, it does not seem to be the case with the characters she has wronged. They want her to be better. She is. She earned that moment hands down, no arguments. 

It’s not about the word sorry, it’s about being sorry.  About understanding that what she’s done is wrong.  Regret and remorse.  She is a rapist and she’s never shown any sign that what she did to Graham is wrong.  She abused her son and killed children and doesn’t regret it.  It’s not about the words, it’s about how she feels.  She honestly doesn’t regret the things she’s done.

Yes, she is starting to change.  For the first time in Henry’s life she’s putting him first.  But it’s been days.  Maybe weeks.  She was doing the right thing for a couple of weeks at the start of season 2 too, and then went right back to ripping out hearts and planning to kill the whole town.  How did Tamara and Greg get their hands on that Doomsday button so easily?  Because Regina had it out and was planning on using it.

Right now she’s protecting the baby and the Charmings, but right now Zelena is a threat and an alliance with the Charmings is better than letting Zelena win.  But what happens when the threat is gone?  Last season the townspeople didn’t forgive her in a couple of weeks for 4 decades of abuse and she gave up.  It’s always something external that makes her change, and we’ve yet to see that this time is any different.  

I really hope she is changing.  I want her to change and to want to be a good person not to earn back Henry or to be on the right side but simply because it’s the right thing to do.  She’s got a couple of weeks of a good start.  But the real question is is it actual change or will she revert?  What happens when Henry gets his memories back and still wants to live with Emma?  Or has trouble with Regina because he compares a non abusive childhood to an abusive one?  What happens when things get tough with Robin, because Regina’s never been in a real adult relationship and she tends to lash out in anger and pain.  It’s only just hit her that Emma is more powerful than her, and that’s good to defeat the WW but what happens when the threat is gone and she really has to deal with Emma being better at magic.

These are things I want to see, to find out how much she really is changing.

"Stopping the curse" is something that I find it funny to give Regina credit for.  What was her other choice?  Lose her own memories and live under Pan’s curse.  And yes, giving Emma and Henry good memories of a life together was a good thing and a positive step for her but the other option was for an amnesia Henry with no memories to wander the forest alone.  She chose a good life for her son over a bad one.  

Regina has killed hundreds, raped, and abused children, so yeah i think she needs to do more than be on good behavior for a little while.  It’s not about the word sorry, it’s about really being sorry.  How can she change if she doesn’t think who she was was wrong to start with?  If she doesn’t see her actions of rape as wrong how is she going to know to do differently in a new relationship? If she doesn’t learn that abuse is wrong how is she going to know she needs to change how she relates to people?

You are making complete assumptions then. You are assuming you know how a character feels and you seem to be basing that off of a word you are wanting to hear, as her actions should have made this clear. Though I notice you’re ignoring that she has used it. 

You stated several times she doesn’t recognize her treatment of Henry as wrong. But that’s not true at all. She apologized for how she made him feel. She showed true remorse for how she acted towards him and stated clearly, a genuine, heartfelt apology. She showed an understanding that what she did was wrong. So stating otherwise is inaccurate, ignores canon- is simply wrong. 

Stating “for the first time in Henry’s life, she’s putting him first” is also inaccurate as you’re ignoring canon again. Regina took the potion when Henry was a baby so she could raise him right. So he would be treated the way he deserved as she would not be focused on the ending to inevitably come by his presence. And again, you are completely making assumptions. Based on how loving she was with him as a baby, who are you to say she never put him first in the decade she raised him before he found out he was adopted and got his hands on the book? Headcanons of time we know nothing about cannot be used as factual evidence. 

You used the word “rape” several times, but I will not debate that with you or anyone again. The creators of the show have decided it didn’t happen, so it didn’t happen. End of story. Even if they stated it after implying something else, even if they completely back tracked and changed their mind, what they decide is true of the show, is true of the show. If you choose to believe otherwise, that is your prerogative, but it will not be factored into argument and I will not debate it. If it’s used again in this discussion, I’ll ignore it. 

The fact that you could only find two things on that entire list that you could sort of, kind of disagree with, tells me a lot. But on those two-

One, stopping the curse, yes, she didn’t have a lot of other options. But we could probably assume the old Regina would have scooped Henry up and bounced from SB, (maybe as simply as stepping over the line with him) leaving everyone else to forget them under the new curse and her to her son. At the very least this shows character development. If not a true understanding of how that was wrong, how it was wrong to consider it before, and what the right thing to do this time was. 

Two, she could have had Henry remember her. She was giving them memories. Why not give them the memories of her? Why not have Henry always know, his mother Regina loved him and Emma gave him up? Because she wanted to do the right thing. She wanted to give Henry his best chance and that was to live a life without that complication. He would know he had a mother that never ever wronged him and that was amazing for Regina to do that, when the mother was not going to be her. She had other options. 

And on timing, dear, this is Once Upon A Time we’re talking about. Hook’s entire redemption arc took place over a week. MINUTES after leaving all of Storybrooke, including the woman he loves, to DIE, he ends up giving everyone a ride to NL, does one more good deed saving Charming, admitting it was only for Emma, and then BAM! Redeemed. 

Rumple shows more awareness, but there’s no consistency with him. He only shows remorse to Belle and Neal. He contemplated murdering his own grandson days before doing everything he could to save him. 

Again, this is ONCE. They don’t do long, realistic developments. That’s a ‘go with the flow’ kind of thing on the show. If you want to be the last person standing, still demanding Regina being on “good behavior” for some personally made up amount of time while all the characters have already forgiven her, well more power to you, but the show isn’t going to do that. 

But again, assume what you want. That’s all your prerogative. But that’s just it. Your personal assumptions. You can’t say you know how Regina thinks or feels and claim it as canon fact. All we can claim is that she didn’t regret her evil deeds that brought her Henry. (the part about Henry is frequently ignored. She never said she didn’t give a shit about the people she hurt. She said she didn’t regret what she did BECAUSE IT BROUGHT HER HER SON) We only have her actions to look at, the bad AND the good. And all of season 3…nothing but good. 

I am also very intrigued to know about this missing year, because you say days, weeks, but that’s not exactly accurate either, is it? Though we don’t know the direction she took in that year yet, so there’s no telling. 

The fact of the matter is though, that you don’t know if she fells remorse for things like stealing hearts, taking children to the witch, or causing separation of families. You can’t claim to know when it hasn’t been addressed. Who’s to say she doesn’t cry herself to sleep over it? Who’s to say she feels nothing at all? There’s no way of knowing and none of us get to claim otherwise. 

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where do you get Cheetos that big

that’s a chihuahua

Those are carrots.

this post is a mess.

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"Kings" + Final Words

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  • emma: i wanna make magic w/ u, no homo
  • regina: no, let's do it. full homo.

What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle


What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

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red wedding: NOOOO

purple wedding: YOOOOO

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